Liberty Rose Bow Tie

Liberty Rose Bow Tie


The Liberty Rose Bow Tie features a vibrant red rose print popping against a cool blue background, like fireworks on a summer night. Crafted with a dash of American spirit, this bow tie is your ticket to style freedom. Whether you're at a fancy shindig or a backyard BBQ, this accessory adds a touch of flair and a whole lot of fun to your outfit. Wear it proud, wear it loud, and let your style bloom!

Size: 4 sizes available for both small and larger dogs as well as cats! 


• Easily slides onto most standard-width collars with 2 elastic loops on the back.
• Features two loops for enhanced stability (no more drooping bow ties!).
• Handmade with love in the USA

Size & Fit

X-Small: 3.5" W x 2" H
• Ideal for teacup dogs or cats

Small: 4" W x 2.5"
• Ideal for smaller dogs or those seeking a classic, preppy bow tie look

Standard: 5" W x 3"
• Perfect for most dogs, dogs with long fur, female dogs, or small dogs that want big bow energy

Large: 6" W x 4"
• Big, bold, and beautiful—this one's for our larger pups looking for that dapper look. Looking at you, Great Danes!

Care Instructions

• Hand wash or machine wash in cold water. Lay flat to air dry.
• The center piece can be slid off and on to iron.