Neutral Flax Crate Cover

Neutral Flax Crate Cover



Personalize your pet's space by selecting up to 2 fabrics for their crate and a trim fabric, creating a one-of-a-kind look. The cover is also machine-washable, so your pet can stay fresh and stylish. Plus, the reversible design provides double the lifespan of the product.



  • Machine Washable
    The crate bed cover is machine washable allowing you to throw the cover in the wash.
  • Reversible/Durable
    Easily change up your pet’s style by simply reversing the crate cover, giving it a whole new look in just minutes! Since each crate cover is reversible you get use out of both sides! This plus upholstery grade fabric makes your cover last twice as long.
  • Personalizable
    Make your crate cover extra special by adding your dog’s name! We embroider your cover with premium thread for a beautiful and unique finish to highlight that this is their special snuggle spot.

Crate Insert

  • Crate Mattress
    -Sold Separately
  • Water Resistant
    The outer casing of each pet bed insert is made from a hydrophobic material to fight against any spills or accidents that may occur.

Sustainable Impact

Every 2oz of SustainaFill™ stuffing uses the equivalent of a recycled 1L plastic bottle. SustainaFill™ is infinitely recyclable and made using a min of 95% post consumer recycled plastic.

    Manufacturing: A more eco friendly manufacturing process
  • SustainaFill™ is made consuming no water
  • SustainaFill™ is made with less power then other virgin fibers.
  • Covers are made with a low waste manufacturing process.