Replacement Drifter Insert Walls

Replacement Drifter Insert Walls


has your fur baby torn all the stuffing out of that brand new bed you just got them? No worries these replacement inserts will make fixing that bed simple and easy.


  • Sustainable Stuffing
    Inserts are stuffed with SustainaFill™ a green stuffing made from recycled water bottles. Inserts are channeled to keep stuffing in its place, increasing durability/ longevity. Stuffing is high loft for comfort/hypo-allergenic for pups with sensitivities.

Water Resistant

  • The outer casing of each pet bed insert is made from a hydrophobic material to fight against any spills or accidents that may occur.


  • Each dog bed insert features its own zipper which allows you to easily adjust the comfort level for your pet by adding more filling or taking it away.

Your order feeds a shelter pup in need! Thank you.
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